Rent a car cheaper than a taxi

If you compare the prices of renting a car in CiciMici rental car agency, and prices of taxi services of Belgrade and other taxi companies, it is easy to determine that the car rental service is extremely favorable and cheaper. If you need a car, and doubt among car rental or taxi service, you should definitely choose to rent a car.

Suppose you are going on a journey out of town, to a place 100 kilometers away from your starting point. The price of taxi services is about 100 euros (about 0.90 euro cents, or 1 euro per kilometer depending on taxi company you choose). Most taxi companies charge this price for a ride in one direction. On the other hand in CiciMici renta car agency you can rent a car for 27 euros a day plus fuel, and the fuel’s price on that mileage will not exceed 2,000 RSD.

If you need a vehicle for more than 25 kilometers per day, once again rent a car is right choice. Also, if your are going to need transport several times during the day, rent a car is a way cheaper. Do not forget that taxi companies divide the city into zones, so prices may vary considerably.

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